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Here at the Higher End Music studios we take our client relationships very seriously; whether it be a corporate voiceover or a band recording a track we always try to make the process as simple and easy as possible. These are some testimonials opinions about our quality of service:


"My teenage son has learned guitar with Dave Fillingham for the past 2 years and cannot praise him highly enough. Prior to starting with Dave, my son shared a subsidised music lesson at school with one other pupil. From what I gather, most of the lesson was spent tuning up and trying to bring that other pupil up to speed. I now realise what a waste of my money that was and so regret not starting with Dave earlier.


My son has a varied taste in music, inclining more towards the heavier metal end of the market. Dave has been able to tap into the kind of music that enthuses my son whilst also introducing him to music he might not otherwise have heard or attempted playing. He is always totally buzzing after a music lesson and has made so much progress. I think he looks on Dave as a friend now as well as a teacher and so enjoys jamming with him.

The Higher End Music Studio
The Higher End Music Studio

Besides improving my son’s guitar skills, Dave had been very helpful in assisting him with course work – ironing out the problems he has incurred during his music technology A level.


Dave is my first port of call whenever I buy a new piece of musical/sound equipment and has given me some really sound advice.


Besides teaching, Dave runs a recording studio which I personally have found very useful. I am heavily into performance poetry and like to make quality recordings of my better pieces. One of my recordings was used in an art exhibition at the Turnpike gallery in Wigan. Another won a prestigious award on a national poetry website. Recording with Dave is great fun – you feel like a star! Whilst being a perfectionist, Dave manages also to be very patient, qualities that not all artists manage to combine…


What more can I say? If you are looking for quality tuition/recording at very reasonable rates, I don’t think you should look any further."





"I can personally vouch for these guys, having recorded with them on numerous occasions, with another recording session currently booked..."


Higher End Music Bass Guitar Tuition




"It has been my pleasure to work with Dave on the production of several tracks for an album I was working on. I found the process of recording and producing the tracks to be extremely easy and well managed with the recorded product being ready for approval very quickly. On a creative note Dave’s input was a valued and welcomed addition to the project with his technical production knowledge and flair giving each track an unexpected dimension.

I have been involved with several projects at other studios and I was always left with a feeling that the end product was lacking in some way and that the producers adopted a policy of pushing the record button at the right time and did not provide suitable input to improve the track. Dave’s policy is to provide the technical, creative and inspired input with a view to improving the final track and the artists overall experience. On the whole the end results will speak for themselves and I am absolutely sure that no matter what style or genre of music you wish to produce you will not be disappointed."





"A fantastic recording and production service at a great competitive rate - the results speak (or rather sing / wail / shred) for themselves. The coffee ain't too shabby either!"


Higher End Music Vocal Lessons





"Excellent standard of tuition in a relaxed setting: no stuffy nonsense - lessons you actually enjoy."





"I've known Dave professionally for about 5 years now; out of everybody I've dealt with within the industry he was the only person who respected my creative decisions (however eccentric they might be) with the music I was looking to record. He has an excellent way of working which instantly makes you feel comfortable without sacrificing any professionalism.  Following our recordings I have now taken up guitar lessons with Dave (I'm a vocalist by trade) and I wish I would've done it sooner. Genuinely hand-on-heart this is someone you can trust your music and ideas with."





"Sarah has had lessons with Andrea since 2008, She initially decided to have lessons to assist with her GCSE Music course in which singing was her chosen instrument.
Sarahs voice has improved tremendously over the last 2 years, her range, tone and breath control have matured considerably and her stage skills have also been greatly developed.
Andrea is an inspiring teacher, Sarah loves her lessons and because she enjoys them so much she has chosen to continue with them even though she has now completed her GCSE course.
Over the last 2 years Sarah has performed in public with Andrea and has also recorded a CD, which has been a very enjoyable experience for her.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrea as a singing teacher."





I would just like to say what a great singing teacher you are to my daughter Chloe.
Since Chloe started singing lessons with you 3 years ago she has come on leaps and bounds.
She always enjoys her singing lessons and thinks that you are a really nice person, she always comes out from her lesson with a big smile on her face.
I would just like to say thank you very much."





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